You need to attend with Dr. Jasdeep Sidana for a professional evaluation

Visiting the pulmonologist is a very important step in your health care. If you want a review to rule out or diagnose any respiratory disease, you should go to a pulmonology consultation with Dr Jasdeep Sidana for your medical evaluation.
Pulmonology is a medical specialty that studies, prevents, diagnoses, and treats respiratory diseases. The pulmonologist is the specialist in charge of preventing, detecting, diagnosing, and evaluating diseases that affect the respiratory system and indicating the appropriate, timely treatment.
If you suffer from some signs and symptoms related to the respiratory system, you must attend with Dr. Jasdeep Sidana for a professional evaluation. The respiratory system comprises the mouth and nose, passing filtered and humidified air to the larynx, trachea, bronchi, alveoli, and lungs. Likewise, we have respiratory muscles that allow breathing: the diaphragm and the intercostal muscles.
The respiratory system has the main function of completing the breath, which is completed through inhalation and exhalation. Thanks to breathing, gases are exchanged between the air, the blood, and our cells. Finally, thanks to this system, we can perceive smells and create sounds.

Reasons to visit a pulmonologist

There are several reasons why it is recommended that you consult a pulmonologist such as Dr. Jasdeep Sidana. Suppose you were a smoker or have lived with one long. Suppose you worked in places exposed to silica or toxic gases such as methanol in the cement, glass, oil, or mining industry.
If you have cooked with wood and were in contact with smoke for long periods. If, in childhood, you suffered from allergies. If you currently have a chronic cough, respiratory distress, chest pain, breathing problems in the nose, respiratory allergies, or bronchial asthma.
If you suffer from any respiratory disease, such as Covid-19, influenza, or pneumonia, this is either for timely treatment or clinical monitoring.

Provide accurate assessments

A timely visit with Dr Jasdeep Sidana is important for an accurate evaluation and diagnosis, as well as a specific treatment for your case and to avoid severe complications. The pulmonologist is the specialist responsible for several respiratory diseases of the adult stage that are among the leading causes of death worldwide.