With David Woroboff, you can have the diagnosis and treatment of a patient from a distance

David Woroboff is a high-performance executive who has managed to improve health in the United States. He is an expert accountant who has generated great profits through exceptional people and enthusiastic individuals.
David Woroboff has developed tools focused on the physiotherapy segment, through which professionals can support themselves to improve the rehabilitation processes of an injury. His results speak for themselves; 98.5% of patients felt the same or better than in the previous session, while treatment adherence improves by more than 278% after using his platform.
The development of technology in medical devices and their use is not alien to reality. The advances in both influence the success that the health professional can have in diagnosing and treating a patient. Now, as the landscape has changed, the companies that decide to provide diagnostic services and medical treatments have also gone global.

Tools applicable in various fields of medicine

Among the main results that have been obtained, it is worth noting that 71% of users already manage medical consultations or obtain information on health and well-being issues online. Specifically, 54% of those surveyed already manage their queries online.
Given this panorama, the importance of telerehabilitation is reaffirmed. The specialist David Woroboff defines the use and practice of rehabilitation services broadly through the Internet and information and communication technologies.
This also motivates other therapeutic fields to take advantage of the benefits of telemedicine, such as occupational therapy, speech therapy, neuropsychology, audiology, and neurorehabilitation.

To speed up the recovery process

Can a therapeutic specialty such as physiotherapy be carried out online? Partly yes. The telemedicine specialist David Woroboff is carrying out tests to implement a virtual assistant that improves and accelerates the recovery process in musculoskeletal injuries.
The programs most requested by users are usually those related to cervical and lumbar pain associated with maintaining prolonged postures in front of the computer. In this sense, Woroboff adds that teleworking has significantly influenced the number of programs downloaded to alleviate this type of ailment.