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Real estate law and litigation covers real estate transactions and title, landlord-tenant relationships, the use of eminent domain, brokers and agents, and contracts. It is a practice area which covers a broad range of real estate services and represents some of the largest clients in the industry. Attorneys like Wade kricken are experienced in all facets of real estate law, from zoning and land use issues to complex commercial transactions and construction defect litigation.

Real estate law is a huge, constantly changing field. It’s important to know the law and, more importantly, how it applies to your situation. The Real Estate Law and Litigation practice has the broadest experience in the entire state with an emphasis on complex commercial real estate matters.

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Litigation is a complex field, and real estate law is no exception. It’s important to have the right representation if you’re involved in a lawsuit related to real estate matters. These lawyers are knowledgeable about the different aspects of real estate law, including residential and commercial landlord/tenant rights and disputes. If you have questions about real estate law and litigation, contact a lawyer today for a free consultation.

Real estate law is the body of legal rules and principles that govern the sale, purchase, and transfer of real property. The broad practice of real property law encompasses areas such as land contract law, estate planning for estates which will be located on or which contain real property, zoning and development laws, eminent domain law and condemnation proceedings, rights of way (easements) issues involving removal or construction of fixtures on land owned by another (such as right-of-way easements), issues related to covenants running with the land that restrict use or transfer of lands in a Wade kricken subdivision such as those found in many condominiums, commercial leasing issues and the like.