Dr. Jon Kiev: Why Cardiothoracic Surgery is Helpful

Cardiothoracic surgery is a type of surgery that deals with the heart and lungs, hence the name. It can be used to treat a variety of conditions, including heart disease, lung disease, and blood flow disorders. Many people who have undergone this type of surgery say that it has changed their lives for the better. Here are some reasons from Dr. Jon Kiev why cardiothoracic surgery is helpful.

Helps You Recover From Many Different Types Of Heart Disease

Cardiothoracic surgery can help you recover from many different types of heart disease, including valve conditions such as aortic stenosis, mitral stenosis, and atrial fibrillation. Cardiothoracic surgeons are experts in treating the bones and soft tissues that surround your heart. They also have special training in minimally invasive procedures to repair or replace diseased valves or tighten loose tissue around the heart muscle (myocardium).

Relieve Symptoms Related To A Patient’s Heart Condition

Cardiothoracic surgery Dr. Jon Kiev is a specialized type of surgery that can help you recover from many different types of heart conditions. Cardiothoracic surgeons are experts in treating coronary artery disease, which occurs when the arteries that supply blood to your heart become blocked or narrowed by plaques or fatty deposits.

Cardiac valve repair or replacement is another common procedure performed by cardiothoracic surgeons. Valves located between each chamber of your heart have an important job: they direct blood flow as it moves through your body’s main pumping organ so that oxygen-rich blood gets pumped out into circulation while waste products are removed from it on their way back into the lungs for fresh oxygenation before being sent back out again.

Treat Coronary Artery Disease, Valve Conditions, And Atrial Fibrillation

Finally, cardiothoracic surgery may be used by medical professionals if you have severe coronary artery disease that hasn’t responded well enough to medications or lifestyle changes like diet changes and exercise programs.

The goal of this type of procedure is to improve blood flow through narrowed arteries by removing blockages caused by plaque buildup, helping relieve symptoms associated with poor circulation such as chest pain during exertion or breathlessness at rest.