Dr. Erik Goluboff applies treatments according to the problem that is

The prostate is a gland found in the pelvis of men; it generates the seminal fluid that unites with the sperm to produce semen, thus allowing the man to conceive during sexual intercourse; prostate cancer occurs when an abnormality occurs in male hormones. This problem, detected in time, is not a reason for death, which is why it is very important to visit the urologist in a timely manner Dr. Erik Goluboff.
In the case of men, it is recommended to visit the urologist more frequently after age 45 since that is when the risk of suffering from prostate diseases such as cancer or prostate growth is. From then on, an annual periodicity would have to be scheduled for the corresponding revisions to be made.
Dr. Erik Goluboff usually asks for tests to check hormone levels and other important parameters, such as cholesterol, glucose, and transaminase levels, among others. There is always a reason to go to the urologist, especially when you have reached 40 years of age.

Treatments according to the problem

Dr Erik Goluboff treats all diseases related to the urinary system, both male and female. Kidneys, bladder,and urethra are just some of their fields of action. However, the reproductive system of men is indeed the exclusive responsibility of these doctors.
Urinary infections are very common in people, but few are informed that a urologist should treat them like Dr. Goluboff; Many refuse this review, so there are seven reasons why you should plan a visit to the urologist so that your body is healthy and in the case of presenting any irregularity, have a timely diagnosis.

Make an accurate assessment

Most kidney stones are eliminated through the urinary tract, but sometimes they do not come out spontaneously, and the attention of a doctor such as Dr. Erik Goluboff is necessary. When stones get stuck in the urinary tract, they can cause a lot of pain. Some of these conditions can be treated by a gynecologist; however,the urologist Erik Goluboff assesses the causes and rules out possible future problems.